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Some Really Handy "Go To" Resources

Supportive user-friendly tools for advance care/end-of-life/grief conversations & planning.
Resources are for individuals, families & professionals who guide them during times of transitions.


Play the new party game that lets you explore a topic we’re all obsessed with but often afraid to discuss.

A heartwarming love story and practical guide in one. Everyone facing death, their own or a loved one’s, will benefit.

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Grief Coach logo.jpg

Grief Coach is a secure, private and easy way to get meaningful grief support when someone dies. Purchase here an get $10 off your annual subscription.

Our free Conversation Guides can help you have ‘the conversation’ with the important people in your life about your – or their – wishes for care through the end of life.


Compassion & Choices is committed to empowering people to get the care they want during a serious illness or at the end of life. One way we do that is by helping people plan well and become good advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

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