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Compassionate Advance Care Plan Sessions

Get clarity & completion on your advance healthcare directive.

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • $350
  • Zoom

Service Description

An Advance Care Plan (ACP) is a process that supports adults at any age or stage of health in understanding and sharing their personal values, life goals, and preferences regarding future medical care. Generally speaking, an Advance Care Plan is your voice for when do not have the capacity to make an informed healthcare decision for yourself. It consists of conversations and directives. An Advance Care Plan is a written summary of a capable adult’s wishes or instructions to guide a substitute decision-maker on end of life wishes when the substitute is asked by a physician or other healthcare providers to make decisions about end of life care, possibly including healthcare treatment decisions, on behalf of the now incapable adult. One of my primary duties as an Eldercare/End of Life Doula is to help you consider, reflect and plan for all the little (and big) things, both physical and emotional, that will help you enjoy life until the end of your days. Through thoughtful and informative conversations and guidance, your current healthcare decisions and wishes will be clarified, directives completed, and the burden lifted. ADVANCE CARE PLAN Sessions includes: -Sessions: 2.5 hours (This is broken down to 2-3 sessions) -Timeframe: 2-3 months -Location: Zoom or in-person (greater Los Angeles) -Advance Care Plan goal setting and timeline created -Review, update and/or create addendum's for your advance healthcare directive -Overview of what is needed to complete an advance care directive with a focus on +Making choices (who will be your agent & team, treatment wishes, disposition options) +Putting them in a written directive +Preparation and Discussion of your choices in speaking with your care team. -Identify your personal values to assist in making choices for your end of life care. -Necessary ACP resources & tools that will assist you in staying organized and prepared. -Provide an intimate & safe space to ask questions. -Special focus on dementia directive and discussion (optional) Leave this sessions feeling empowered & informed with peace of mind noting your priorities have been documented and shared.

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