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Elder/EOL Care Career Consult/Mentorship

Are you ready or curious to work with older adults, and/or those at end-of-life? Let's talk!

  • 2 hr
  • 375 US dollars
  • Zoom, Call, or In-Person

Service Description

Elder/End-of-Life Care Career Consult Entering a new field, transitioning to being a solo practitioner, or need a jumpstart be it in eldercare or end-of-life/EOL (which I consider fluid), can be exciting, overwhelming and sometimes disappointing. You might have the life and/or professional experiences, education/training and, most importantly, passion, yet it is also essential to assess, recognize & reflect on how to get started or what area of this work is a fit for you now and in the future. I want to support your success, especially understanding and setting clear expectations in the eldercare/end of life field, and validate your progress. My Eldercare/EOL Profession Coaching/Consult will include: -1 hour (zoom or in-person) information gathering/sharing & goal setting session followed by an assessment which will include resources and action items discussed. -On-going weekly text check-ins for support -2-15 minute or 1-30 minute follow-up session (4-8 weeks following initial session) -Connection to a network of eldercare/EOL practitioners & resources - A safe, confidential space to share, knowing there is constant tension and practice of "being and doing". -Garner confidence and get feedback to pursue the career.

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